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Departure: from Sharm El Sheikh and Taba

Tour days: Friday, we leave the hotel at 1:30am.

While on vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh or Taba, you have a unique opportunity to visit the ancient city of Petra, which is located in Jordan. You might be wondering why people are keen to visit this place.

The fact is that this city is considered the eighth wonder of the world. Many centuries ago, the Arab tribe of the Nabateans carved the city into the rocks and turned it into a center of trade. It so happened that large trade routes passed through the city, along which oriental silks, spices and other goods were transported. Merchants always stopped in this city to take a break from a long and difficult journey.

The history of Petra goes back about 2000 years, although some sources claim that its origins occurred 4000 years ago. This ancient city still has some buildings, as well as a swimming pool, dam and canals. Of the surviving buildings, especially noteworthy are the Pharaoh's Treasury (El-Khazneh Temple), the Petra Amphitheater, the Crusader Monastery, the Temple of the Winged Lions, the Temple of Dushara or the Palace of the Pharaoh's Daughter, as well as the tombs of the rulers and the courthouse.

The excursion to Petra takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The cost is $205 for adults and $195 for children. This price may seem high to some, but it is worth it. In one day you can see another country and its unique attraction, which is the ancient city of Petra.

This excursion begins with the bus picking up tourists from their hotels. The collection usually starts at 4 am. This may happen sooner or later, depending on how far the hotel is from Taba, where Egypt borders with Jordan. Having collected all the tourists, the bus leaves for the seaport of Taba, where they will be transported by ferry to the border city of Aqaba in Jordan. You will need to go through border control before boarding the ferry. it does not take a lot of time.

At 9.00 the ferry arrives at the port of the Royal Yacht Club in the border city of Aqaba. Here you will have to go through some border formalities, or rather, put a visa stamp in your passport, and you can go further, to the north of the country through the desert.

The journey to Petra takes approximately 2-3 hours. Along the way there is a 10-minute stop to rest, drink a cup of oriental tea or aromatic coffee. While relaxing, you can also visit roadside shops that sell souvenirs. The road to Petra passes through a picturesque desert, which sometimes resembles a lunar landscape. The bus may also stop to photograph you against the backdrop of the lunar landscape.

The bus then takes tourists to the city of Petra. You can get into the city through a road that runs along a mountain gorge. Huge red rocks rise above this 1 kilometer long road. If you don't like to walk, the local Bedouins will offer you a ride on their horse or donkey for a small fee.

At the end of the gorge you will immediately see the palace of al-Khazna, which is called the treasury of the pharaoh. After walking another 300-400 meters, you will come to the Altar. Then you have to go down along the old Roman road. After which you will need to go up again to see the Crusader Monastery.

The sandy mountains of the ancient city of Petra are home to some 800 attractions. But many scientists say that this is only a small part, in fact there are many more. In one trip you will be able to see only the most famous attractions.

You are allotted 4 hours to explore the city, during which time you will have to walk about 10 kilometers. But such a long distance will be compensated by the incredible beauty of this ancient city. Huge pink rocks, palaces, temples and other buildings of the ancient Nabateans will make an indelible impression.

On the territory of the city of Petra there are several souvenir stalls where you can buy memorable souvenirs from your visit to this place. Of course, you will be accompanied by a guide who speaks Russian well. He will tell you a lot of interesting things not only about the structure of this city, but also about the culture and traditions of Jordan.

After visiting the ancient city, the bus goes to the restaurant of a 5 star hotel to have lunch there. This lunch will be included in the price of the excursion, but you will most likely have to pay extra for drinks. After lunch we will return to Aqab to take the ferry back to Egypt. Before the ferry departs, you have some time to explore the area around the port. The ferry to Taba leaves at 19:30. There will again be a bus near the Taba seaport to take tourists back to the hotel. The bus departs at 20:30.

Before traveling to Petra, you should take care of packed rations and late dinner, which the hotel should provide. You can find out about this at the hotel reception. You also need to take your passport, comfortable clothes and shoes, and a mobile phone from which you can make calls. You should definitely ask the guide for his phone number in case you get lost. And of course, don’t forget to take a camera with you on the excursion to keep pictures of your visit to this wonderful ancient city as souvenirs. This tour to Jordan from Egypt will brighten up your vacation with wonderful impressions of visiting the ancient city, and a tour of Petra will enrich you with new knowledge and memories.

The price of the excursion includes:

Meeting and assistance upon arrival ✓

excursions from Sharm El Sheikh from Cemillatours ✓

Entrance fees to all visited places ✓

Travel by comfortable bus ✓

Lunch at a restaurant ✓

Russian speaking guide ✓

Attention! Bring your passport, comfortable clothes and shoes.

Tour Details
Departure City Sharm El Sheikh and Taba
Language English/Arabic/Russian
Tour Code CTOUR-0001
Tour Days Friday, we leave the hotel at 1:30.

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