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Departure: From Sharm El Sheikh
Days: daily

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Abu Galum is a national park located on the northern coast of the Red Sea, along the Gulf of Aqaba, between the cities of Dahab and Nuweiba, and covers an area of ​​approximately 500 square kilometers. This area received the status of a National Park because it has unique species of plants and animals that you will not find in other parts of Egypt. In total, there are 167 species of animals and plants, and 44 of them you can find only in Abu Galum.

There is a common opinion among tourists that Egypt is a place of hotel rest, and almost the only attractive point here is good service and the opportunity to lie on the warm beach of the Red Sea. Many respond that, in fact, there is nothing to see besides the desert, Bedouins and hotel delights.

So, our travel company boldly refutes this opinion, and, believe me, after visiting the reserved places of Abu Dalum, Egypt can open up to you with such an unprecedented variety of flora and fauna that you can safely call this country a place of natural wonders. So, having fully enjoyed lying on the warm coast, we suggest you not to waste time in vain, but to go on an exciting journey to a real oasis, which is Abu Dalum.

Excursions to the park are held daily, departure from Sharm El Sheikh at 7 am. The group sets off in jeeps towards the north, at first the path lies along the highway, then, before reaching 25 km from Nuweiba, we turn off the highway and continue our journey through the desert. On the way you will meet a Bedouin village and after 28 km we are at the goal – in a magical natural reserve!

The whole road takes about two hours, and stretches mainly along the pebble beach, when under your feet you can easily see the shells of mollusks and tiny snails, and turning your head to the right, you will see magnificent coral reefs located along the coast. Upon arrival at the park, everyone will have a lunch, consisting mainly of freshly caught fish, soft drinks are also included in the price of the tour.

So, a real oasis will open before you with sand dunes, narrow valleys, high granite mountains, from which streams of the purest fresh ice water flow. There is an opinion that taking a sip of water from such a stream, a person acquires unprecedented strength. The Sinai mountains form a truly Martian landscape, creating the feeling that you are at the end of the world.

This place, with its calm and tranquility, will be of particular interest to individuals with expanded thinking who are engaged in yoga or other mystical practices. Flora and fauna are replete with tropical plants and exotic animals. Just imagine, striped Gehennas, mountain goats, zhiryaks, red foxes live here. The world of reptiles has a huge variety – various lizards and snakes can crawl under your feet. Among the snakes, such rare species as the black cobra, carpet and horned viper have been recorded.

After lunch, we transfer to camels and after an hour and a half we arrive at the legendary Blue Hole. This is a massive reef formation that goes deep into the water like a large blue funnel with a diameter of about 55 m. The “Blue Hole” is considered the main pearl of the Abu Galum Park, for which it is worth making this entertaining trip. Beginners in diving will be offered to go snorkeling – this is a dive with a mask, fins and a snorkel.

Scuba diving here is recommended only for experienced divers, for whom the Blue Hole is a truly unique opportunity to test themselves and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Equipment is available to those who wish for a fee. The richest world of the most unique coral reefs, fish, jellyfish, mollusks of unprecedented beauty opens up when diving even to a shallow depth. Seahorses, barracudas, stingrays, turtles and even sharks will swim past you.

Particularly exciting are night dives, during which divers will be able to observe the luminous flocks of phosphorescent fish – a very beautiful sight! After swimming, the group again gets into jeeps and heads to the town of Dahab, where they will have the opportunity to sit in a cafe, have a bite to eat, visit the local market, and buy souvenirs. The group returns to the hotel at approximately 18:30.

Despite all the fascination of this excursion, you should not neglect the precautions and safety measures. We recommend not to dress in snow-white clothes, because. the strong dustiness of the desert is unlikely to allow you to return to the hotel clean. Shoes and clothing should be as comfortable as possible. You must have sunglasses, a hat, a swimsuit, water, and a passport with you. If you are planning to visit a market or cafe, take a small amount of cash with you.

The price of the tour includes:

  • Meeting and assistance upon arrival.
  • Entrance fees to all visited places.
  • Travel by comfortable bus.
  • Lunch at a restaurant.
  • English speaking guide.

The cost of our excursion to the Abu Galum National Reserve is $30 for an adult and $15 for a child. The price includes lunch with soft drinks.

During my vacation in Egypt, be sure to take advantage of this offer, and then this beautiful country will open for you from its most beautiful side.

Attention! Bring your passport, comfortable shoes and clothes, bathing suits, water, breakfast. Equipment rental is not included in the price of the trip. The rental price is 25 units. pounds for snorkeling gear.

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